Working as an independent consultant, in support of the entrepreneur, the Firm focuses its operations on creating long-term value. The approach is based on the assumption that finance should be closely related to the real economy. Combining strategic capabilities, financial and organizational issues in a vision and a global perspective, it leverages the wealth of expertise and network of contacts, in order to make achieve the desired results to the customer.

The strategic consulting services is carried out in close collaboration with the entrepreneur and the management through the provision of analytical models for flow and reporting to support decisions to be taken.

The Firm advises its clients through business consulting and the development of technical and professional opinions on taxation and corporate, aimed at analyzing and resolving questions of interpretation of the relevant legislation, at optimizing business decisions of the customer.

The aim of the Firm is to highlight all the elements that characterize the operations of the enterprise, combining the entrepreneurial creativity with all the economic, financial and legal assessments, respecting the imperative to better manage the company’s assets.

The internationalization projects require specific skills for strategic, taxation-corporate and commercial aspects. The Firm has developed its own working model for companies wishing to start these processes, both helping customers in overseas missions (Outcoming actions), and assisting in internal missions (Incoming actions) with guided tours in the company by foreign operators in the sector. Everything has the aim of develop a technical reconnaissance activity on the best business model to take, on the potential partners to be involved.

For foreign operators (importers, distributors, exporters), thanks to its professional relations with qualified Italian economic partners (operating in the food, technology and industrial machinery), institutions and thorough a local knowledge (Italy) from bureaucratic, social and cultural points of view, the Firm has the purpose of offering customized professional services and added value solutions.

The Firm believes in a professional approach that offers the possibility of a continuous fine tuning with the customers in function of ever changing business needs, ensuring a high level of privacy and reliability. The main objective is to create a business/professional network and help in connecting, both existing market players and new companies with their potential customers/suppliers, providing specialized consulting services in order to promote new business and sales opportunities.

The increased level of competition between the companies, the changing market conditions and the market extension over national borders, determine the need for new and more complex skills.

The change in question involves, on one hand, the new resources (Training of new employees) to be used in the company, in order to meet the needs of the changing nature of the markets with the birth of new professionals. On the other hand, it involves the resources already employed by the company (Continuous training), in order to meet the demands of changes in laws, organizational and technological are subjected many industries.

The Firm, with reference to professional training, meets the need of companies to acquire new skills and competencies, to the own professional resources, and to those to be employed as they are required by the constant changes in social, cultural or corporate interiors.


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