The development of markets in a “global” economy, promotes companies in the creation of new businesses for their products/services in the international markets. For the companies increases the needs to confronted themselves with new competitors operating in markets not delimited by geographical boundaries. All this at the same time promotes the interest of investors and traders to develop themselves into international area with the need to establish new business relationships and productive abroad.

The internationalization projects require specific skills for strategic, taxation-corporate and commercial aspects. The Firm has developed its own working model for companies wishing to start these processes, both helping customers in overseas missions (outcoming actions), and assisting in internal missions (Incoming actions) with guided tours in the company by foreign operators in the sector. Everything has the aim of develop a technical reconnaissance activity on the best business model to take, on the potential partners to be involved.

The Firm’s activities, with reference to Internationalization, focuse on the resolution of any issues arising from the limited knowledge of the markets and the rules governing them.

In particular, the activities carried out by the Firm focuse on:

  • Market study with reference to the laws of business and legal aspects;
  • International contract law advising, currency, customs and logistics services;
  • Participation in international/EU tenders, and research of international subsidized financing;
  • Research and identify business partners, customers and suppliers;
  • Development and management of marketing arrangements, production, supply;
  • Development and management of collaborative agreements, joint ventures and partnerships;
  • Development and management of private label, customization of commercial brands, in accordance with local regulations for specific content of the labels;
  • Control and monitoring of the different terms of payment offered in the different countries of reference, customized choice of the most favorable conditions;
  • Establishment and domiciliation of international companies;
  • International tax planning;
  • Monitoring of emerging markets and developing countries.

The Firm supports its clients in contractual, tax, customs and currency matters, providing assistance in the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, cooperation or acquisition between companies. Advisory services can be ensured to the various geographic areas, through the ability to have its own network of international correspondents, with the possibility of assistance in foreign transactions of customers in different parts of the world and in the major international financial centers.

The advice services consist in the initial study territory of approach, then they move to later verification and development of plans for implementation of the internationalization project (export-import activities, offshoring). In particular, the starting point is the examination of host country, after an analysis of bilateral double taxation (for example, choice of permanent establishment, subsidiary or representative office). Next, the economic and financial analysis of the project (preparation of business descriptive plans) and the provision of all the operational tools for planning and monitoring activities to be developed abroad.

The initial study of the geographic area is the most critical of the whole internationalization project, in this study the Firm performs a comprehensive analysis of the environmental conditions, and then identifies the effective development aspects for the enterprise, in relation to its resources and expertise.

In particular, the above analysis focuses on the following aspects:

  • Internationalization objectives: the import-export business, offshoring;
  • Analysis of the financial resources available in the company and of the constraints to which it’s subject;
  • Analysis of the physical resources, in terms of work units responsible for the project, at the disposal of the company (presence on the host territory) and the constraints to which it’s subject;
  • Analysis of the markets on which to operate (business, tax, customs, currency laws);
  • Modes of commercial penetration;
  • Marketing, distribution policies, management modalities of the initiative;
  • Financial plan at 3 and 5 years.

The Firm, considering the international planning of its customers as strategic tool, also focuses its activities on total control of the tax/customs components and on the constant monitoring, in the territorial context, of many exogenous and endogenous factors influences these.

The high specialization of skills inside the Firm (the availability of external corresponding) allow you to manage a highly qualified way the diversity of contexts in which the company could operate. There are in fact, sometimes significant differences between different markets related to customs enforcement, commercial regulation of economic activity, monetary policy, taxation, the labor legislation.


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