The increased level of competition between the companies, the changing market conditions and the market extension over national borders, determine the need for new and more complex skills. Changes to business objectives, activities and means of operation, consistently, must also match with the changes of professionalism of operative staff in companies.

The change in question involves, on one hand, the new resources (Training of new employees) to be used in the company, in order to meet the needs of the changing nature of the markets with the birth of new professionals. On the other hand, it involves the resources already employed by the company (Continuous training), in order to meet the demands of changes in laws, organizational and technological are subjected many industries.

The Firm, with reference to professional training, meets the need of companies to acquire new skills and competencies, to the own professional resources, and to those to be employed as they are required by the constant changes in social, cultural or corporate interiors.

The Firm is able to offer advisory services in the areas of:

  • Planning of professional training;
  • Teaching (in the areas of direct competence);
  • Support training activities;
  • Administration.

The professional training provided by the Firm is structured in the analysis of training needs expressed by companies/public bodies and in the related planning of the same processes (continuing professional education, professional training of new employees, work-experience actions).

The teaching activity is achieved through specialized areas of Firm’s expertise, such as: tax, administrative, financial, employment legislation, professional guidance.

In support of training the Firm is able to offer specialized services of coordination/direction, educational tutoring, administration.

With reference to coordination/direction activity, the firm makes a constant monitoring action throughout the period of the training project.

During the training project, in fact, the coordination activities performed by the staff of the Firm turns into a continuous activity of “recalibration”: the stresses and problems that arise during the training require an immediate response and a redefinition of certain elements of the design, both as intermediate targets that as methodology in the classroom.

Regarding the management of the classroom during the training program it’s very important give to trainees a sense of continuity of the initiative, especially if it’s organized in modules or in a series of seminars and conferences. At this stage the role of coordinator plays a key role in ensuring this unity, in the ongoing reconstruction of the training.

In the learning tutoring the person in charge of the Firm assumes the role of responsible for learning. He’s the one who handles the dynamics of the group and as supervisor to the work of “trainees” (animator and group leader), also plays a role “hinge” between the needs of the trainees and the work of trainers. He’s the figure who ensures continuity in a training course on the progress of bringing back any information to the coordinator.

In summary, the action of tutoring takes on a dual role: on one hand, it relates the topics of training and that of teachers, on the other hand it follows the learning levels of the trainees to test the effectiveness of the training.

In its administration, the major functions performed by the Firm, to support the activities of the assistance are:

  • Management and administration of the obligations;
  • Relations with institutions, public offices (INPS, INAIL, etc..) and companies;
  • Collection, processing, production and distribution of forms for the training activity;
  • Preparing documents and proceedings relating to bureaucracy and administration of projects;
  • Support to reporting practices;
  • Financial reporting and payment orders of suppliers, consultants and students.

Through the subsidiary Proim Srl, the Firm provides complete training projects of high specialization, aligned with the changing needs of the labor market. For this reason it is proposed training pathways developed with the main firms and institutions, whose aim is training personnel to be employed or already employed in the company, creating skills and knowledge, at very professional levels and innovative educational contents.

In the learning process (with structure and infrastructure of subsidiary Proim Srl) it makes extensive use of computer and telematic tools. This is strongly oriented to address issues from real-life experiences, creating growth that should always characterize the transition from theoretical to practical applications typical of the working world. The classroom becomes a real laboratory in the company, without considering the theoretical and academic reflections.


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