The Firm, to support the development of enterprise culture among its customers, proposes itself as a reference point during all stages of the business life, from start-up to the generational transitions. The corporate culture is the guide to create value for its customers and for all those who interact with them, whether they are employees, lenders or government agencies.

Working as an independent consultant, in support of the entrepreneur, the Firm focuses its operations on creating long-term value. The approach is based on the assumption that finance should be closely related to the real economy. Combining strategic capabilities, financial and organizational issues in a vision and a global perspective, it leverages the wealth of expertise and network of contacts, in order to make achieve the desired results to the customer.

The strategic consulting services is carried out in close collaboration with the entrepreneur and the management through the provision of analytical models for flow and reporting to support decisions to be taken.

The strategic advisory services offered can be structured in:

  • Analysis of investment;
  • Financial statement analysis and its applications;
  • Development and evaluation of the economic–financial plans;
  • Creation of development programs on the territory;
  • Development and implementation of management control systems;
  • Implementation and development franchise network;
  • Analysis and debt restructuring.

The Firm aims to assist customers in finding the necessary financial resources for growth and expansion, both on the domestic and foreign markets. Everything proposes the analysis of value creation’s process, in order to identify the activities that generate value and possible factors of inefficiency, as well as specific performance indicators for their work.

Are therefore highly specialized, as a result of many years of experience of its owner, the services offered by the Firm on subsidized financing, in particular:

  • Identification of facilitating instruments available;
  • Design and testing the feasibility of investment projects;
  • Verification of the requirements (objective and subjective) and the combination of grants;
  • Preparation of Business Plan;
  • Development of the documentation (forms and data sheets);
  • Submitting an application and assistance in the investigation stage;
  • Managing the reporting of expenditure;
  • Construction of paths negotiating one-on-one with local governments;
  • Assistance in the assessment and management of the choices related to strategic investments;
  • Advice in banking relationships.

With reference to this last point, the Firm assists its customer in all matters concerning relations with credit institutions (banks, finance companies, leasing companies). In particular, every customer can enjoy expert advice on:

  • Verification of a financial product’s risk already purchased and/or the one proposed by the credit institution of trust;
  • Analysis of the impact on the company budget, both in terms of interest rates that commission charges, applied for the execution of mortgages, leasing, overdraft banking operations and similar bank operations;
  • Deepening and advice of the variables that affect investment decisions.

The Firm supports then, companies, corporate and strategic development through the use of economic resources and public funds. The service includes the preparation of customized plan contains all of the opportunities and benefits of contribution-interest for to the company (benefits the European Union, the State, the Regions and other public bodies) and then to design of economic-financial activities. The advice also includes the management of relations with public authorities, management and monitoring of the project in its execution and financial and descriptive reporting of initiative.

Particularly accurate in its technical features, is the advice offered by the Firm with reference to the development of new business initiatives, through the explanation of business ideas into concrete operational activities. The services offered accompany and assist the entrepreneur in the path going from the preliminary stages of the constitution until the start-up of new business, the provision of economic and financial business plan, looking for sources of funding ordinary and/or loans. The consultancy can also be structured in the development of customized business plans, aimed at testing the feasibility of entrepreneurial initiatives for the development and diversification of existing businesses (expansions and renovations).


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