The Firm was born from professional experience of its owner, Dr. Luigi Magliocchi (Certified Public Accountant and Auditor), who works in the field of business consulting since 1997 with his collaborators.

With its young and dynamic structure, but which already has over 15 years of activity and experience, the Firm specializes in strategic and financial consulting, tax and corporate, international.

Through its affiliate Proim Srl (professional training institution accredited by the Region of Calabria), the Firm operates in complete synergy with professionals specialized in the field of vocational training.

The Firm combines its commitment to offer the highest standards of professional quality, levels of operating customization, innovative and highly specialized, with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction, in terms of building a solid relationship of mutual trust, long-lasting.

The more complete service, from the initial stages of the project, from its definition to subsequent development is not limited at territorial level and/or sector, but it become significant at international level and/or multi-sector, in order to make comprehensive and global every possible articulation.

The customer will be assisted with the use of the most innovative evaluation techniques and control instrumentation, in all stages of creation/development of the design, reformulating, if necessary, each of the original terms of a startup project, in order to adapt at every change of course occurred in progress, in full compliance with the objectives of the project.

Focusing, in the last years, on the international consultancy, the Firm sets itself at the side of his Italian customer that operates in Italy and abroad, in both the foreign operating in Italy.

In particular, for foreign operators (importers, distributors, exporters), thanks to its professional relations with qualified Italian economic partners (operating in the food, technology and industrial machinery), institutions and thorough a local knowledge (Italy) from bureaucratic, social and cultural points of view, the Firm has the purpose of offering customized professional services and added value solutions.

The most complex company problems related to the internationalization process, import-export and corporate relocation projects (offshoring), can be dealt by the firm according to a integrated and specialized approach (tax, currency, customs, contractual), customized based on the specific needs of the customer.


Owner of the Firm is Luigi Magliocchi.

Job Requirements:

  • Member of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Experts Accounting of Cosenza (Calabria – Italy) at No. 874 sec. A;


  • Entered in the Register of Auditors to the No 159882 (Ministerial Decree of 15.07.2010, Official Gazette of the Italian Republic No 60 of 30.7.2010);


  • Admitted to the Office of Court Appointed Experts of Cosenza (Calabria – Italy) at No. 4371;


  • Writing in (as of 01/06/2011) Experts in Public Administration Database (BDE), established by the Department of Public Administration – Office of Personnel Training for Public Administration (Italy).