The Firm’s activities, with reference to Internationalization, focuse on the resolution of any issues arising from the limited knowledge of the markets and the rules governing them.

In particular, the activities carried out by the Firm focuse on:

  • Market study with reference to the laws of business and legal aspects;
  • International contract law advising, currency, customs and logistics services;
  • Participation in international/EU tenders, and research of international subsidized financing;
  • Research and identify business partners, customers and suppliers;
  • Development and management of marketing arrangements, production, supply;
  • Development and management of collaborative agreements, joint ventures and partnerships;
  • Development and management of private label, customization of commercial brands, in accordance with local regulations for specific content of the labels;
  • Control and monitoring of the different terms of payment offered in the different countries of reference, customized choice of the most favorable conditions;
  • Establishment and domiciliation of international companies;
  • International tax planning;
  • Monitoring of emerging markets and developing countries.

The Firm supports its clients in contractual, tax, customs and currency matters, providing assistance in the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, cooperation or acquisition between companies. Advisory services can be ensured to the various geographic areas, through the ability to have its own network of international correspondents, with the possibility of assistance in foreign transactions of customers in different parts of the world and in the major international financial centers.

For foreign operators (importers, distributors, exporters), in support of the above advice, the Firm maintains a large in-house data (Italian company operating in the food, technology and industrial machinery) that enables a quick tracking of the most suitable food products and/or technologies/machinery in the market, and makes prompt and competitive quotations for any customer requirement with detailed manufacturers’ information and specifications. These are the best companies (best reputed) operating in any one of several sectors, manufacturers and traders, in order to meet its end user satisfaction in terms of quality and price competitiveness.

The Firm offers transport and logistics services for every client’s needs, combining the efficiency of outsourcing with strategic insights and industry-leading best practices in order to deliver a world-class logistics performance. Through its dedicated team of professionals and reliable partners in the shipping, air and land transport industry, the Firm enables its clients to reduce total logistic costs, increase customer satisfaction, and rapidly deploy innovative supply-chain management strategies.


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